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To Do List

There are lots of things "to do" with an enterprise such as this of course and I thought that making a list of them might be valuable. The list below is just a start and I'll be adding to it in the coming months. Feel free to suggest items for the list as well.

Item DescriptionNotes
Restore and upload main BIG site again24 Dec 2015
GuestBookOriginal one broken it seems, check webspace package options.
Restore members areaWorking on it now
Clean up the HTML code site wideThis will take time obviously and I have to learn what's new with HTML 5 too
Get rid of Java Script bar linksApparently Java has a security problem so will just them a link.
Extract our mailing list archives from Rootsweb into a usable, searchable format.Believe I did this way back but it's on other computer drives in storage
Do we need our own mailing list?Lots of bells and whistles with the web space package.
What other options come with the web space we could utilize?Maybe galleries, message boards who knows.
Need someone to revisit the London Gazette website and find the beginnings of some of the documents we have. We have lists but what do the lists refer to?Don't remember anything about this and it was listed here so I left it.

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