Prospective Members Information & How To Join Us

(Note: If you don't seem to get an answer right away it's because I may be busy)
First and most important there is no money involved here, no fees or subscriptions charges. Everything is free for as long as I am able to do it otherwise it just won't get done. I believe that we have all paid enough for genealogical stuff and we don't need to pay for our own families info to boot! I also do it this way because there is far less pressure to produce a product and meet deadlines etc. Can't get your money back if you didn't spend any (grin).
Other benefits are, a listing in the Members Gallery, a good place to advertise your mainline to other members. Access to the Member's Area of the website. Last but not least the BIG warm feeling you get from being a part of a rather interesting and good natured genealogical group.
Not a whole lot but there are some rules.
1. You must have at least one Boniface of course in your family tree somewhere.
2. You must provide full contact information (note: this is not shared on the web or with anyone without your permission and shared only with other members.
3. You must provide your family lines via either a Gedcom, written family tree in Word, in a text file of some sort.
4. Be willing to follow the Duties & Membership Rules listed below.
Duties & Membership Rules
Many of the Duties & Membership Rules most people are doing now or would follow anyway so it should be reasonably easy to be a member.
1. Share genealogical information with others in the BIG group.
2. Encourage and support others in the group.
3. Do not give out the password to the members area.
4. Use good genealogical judgement and don't call someone else's research your own but give credit to the original source.
If you make a mistake in this area then apologize and give true credit where credit is due.
5. Participate and pitch in with the mailing list by answering where you can and with encouragement to those just starting out. There, that's not so bad eh!

Check list of what to send via e-mail to the address below or you can use this handy form

Your full name
Your full mailing address
Your telephone number
Your family line(s) via either a Gedcom, written family tree
in Word or in a text file of some sort. In the email itself is fine too.
A picture of yourself for the Member' Gallery. (Encouraged)

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