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One is being planned for 2005, contact Chris Bareford for details.
You can contact Chris at barefordrft at
I removed the email address as a link because of spammers, where the address has the 'space at space 'put @
The 1st (of many hopefully) UK Boniface reunion
The Original Invite: June 14th 2003 is the date. Eastbourne Fishermans Club is the place. Chris Bareford writes that, "They have agreed to open earlier than there normal 11.30 for us so we can turn up from 10am". "I must have all names of people attending to give to the club before the day which is June 14th." You can contact Chris at barefordrft at (I removed the email address as a link because of spammers, where the address has the 'space at space' put @)

Original Invite Followup:

Everything is in order for everyone to have a good natter and meet the family. 115 on the list so should be a good gathering. The weather forecast is a nice sunny day, they could change there mind before saturday but hope not. We dont want any rain if anyone brings sandwiches for the beach. Don't forget meals can be got in the club restuarant or a short distance away in Seaside.If anyone is not on the list the Fishermans will be a little flexable, but I will give them a new one Saturday morning. Kick off 10 o clock till late if you want. They have a group playing in the evening and anyone is welcome to stay all day and all evening. Caroline, we probably will be staying on at the fishermans in the evening instead of the Alex, I will mail you my mobile number so you can check when you finish work if you like. Anyone who does not know where the club is, it is on the seafront east end between the Redout and Princes Park / Soveriegn Centre. There is a large council car park, charges are 1 hr - 1.40, 2 hr - 2.20, 4 hr - 3.00, all day - 4.50. No charge with disabled blue badge. There is on street parking around about but it does fill up quickly in the summer season. I haven't managed to get name badges yet but I am trying a couple of places Thursday or Friday. I have asked the local paper if they could come and take a group photo for publicity and further coverage of the BIG family. The local radio gave us a further boost this week when I emailed a thank you to them. Don't forget your cameras, old photos, and bits of family gossip, and come to enjoy yourself at this BIG family gathering. Sorry I havn't been able to arrange anything on the activity side due to shortage of time, family bereavement, daughter in hospital with appendicitus, holiday in Scotland etc.,but Nuala and I will be taking Pauline and Louise up to Holywell around 3pm to show them where the old fishing village and our ancesters cottages use to be, weather permitting, and then to dinner somewhere before we go back to the club. We may even have dinner at the club, have to play it by ear a bit. Anyone who wants to join us on the Holywell trip is welcome, or perhaps as a previous update you may want to walk, or Dotto train up to the pleasure boats for a trip. See some of you on Saturday, and those who can't be there watch out for the report and photos. Chris and Nuala.

Eastbourne Herald Clipping provided by Chris Bareford:

First to post pictures was the Martin family who have a web site at Click on the Boniface link.
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