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Here we list the groups most wanted connections and brickwalls. If you have a tough research problem, here's the place to have it posted.

Bert Parson's (1929-2000) wrote
My 2xgreat grandmother was Judith Boniface who came from Milton Street and although it is in Arlington it is between Folkington and Alfriston in East Sussex. She was born c1808 but there is no sign of her baptism although her eldest brother James was baptised at Folkington and her younger brothers and sisters were baptised in the Alfriston Baptists Chapel. They were the family of Benjamin & Ann nee Burgess. Benjamin was son of Benjamin & Mary nee Bartholomew baptised 1780 at Arlington. Benjamin's son is son of Edward and Grace baptised 1749 and that is as far as I can get. The BONIFACEs on the other side of my family are back to John & Tomsyne nee Collyar in the 1500s. They are related to me through my grandfather's sister Amelia on my mother's side who married William Boniface c1895
Mary Charity Boniface
A lady by the name of Vivien joined our list and disappeared very quickly, having no luck finding the elusive Mary. She wrote:
"I am trying to find some roots for my 3-Great Grandmother Mary Charity Boniface. It is believed she was born in England sometime around the year 1842. She came to America in an unknown year but married John Harper of Calhoun County, Michigan between 1854 to 1858. She died in Los Angeles in 1917 at the reported age of 75. If you can add anything to my tiny list on Mary I thank you. Vivien A. Andrews Cimarron, NM USA"
NO.3 Case Solved
Betty Deforest writes:
"According to the IGI My 2nd great grandmother Phoebe Ann Louisa Boniface was born 1822 in Buxted to John Boniface and Sarah..? The Census give her birthplace as Ditchling. I have written countless E-mail and snail mail letters and searched many records but cannot connect Phoebe to a family.. I have found two possibilities for Phoebe but I cannot find the connecting thread. She may be the daughter of John Boniface and Sarah Taylor married 1811 at Streat Sussex. I do have names of some of their children but no Phoebe. If Phoebe's husband George Boniface, was also her cousin..Then she could be the daughter of John Boniface and Sarah..? of Ditchling. I know they had a son John If anyone has found information in their research. on a John Boniface and Sarah with a daughter Phoebe Ann Louisa..Please contact me. Thank you"

Patrick Woodland writes:
I am searchin for my ultra-elusive AVICE BONEFICE [sic] She married John WOODLAND at Colyton, Devon on 27 July 1789 when both were described as sojourners (i.e. visitors rather than residents). Her husband was baptized at Chard, Somerset on 24 August 1763. Avice could have been born any time in the 1760s, I guess, though if she was a young bride it could have been as late as the early 1770s. None of the local finding aids or indexes show many Boniface (or variant spellings) entries - the majority are associated with Carole's line at Dorchester, Dorset and Chard, Somerset (a similar area to the Woodland family) or to a small family in Sherborne, Dorset which probably descends from the John Boniface who was apprenticed there in 1748 (as discovered by Carole earlier in the summer). But of Avice I can find no trace as yet - she is definitely my most wanted!
Pauline Mowbray writes:
Birth of a Thomas Boniface who was married to Elizabeth Rich. On 11 July 1779, at St Mary's Church, Eatbourne, Sx. The Parish records do not show another Thomas Boniface being Baptised before that date. Where & when was Thomas Boniface born, and who were his parents. Thomas & Elizabeth's Boniface's first child George was Baptised 8 Aug 1779, 28 days after the Marriage. (Interesting)
Connie Everitt writes:
I received this message on one of my message
boards in May. Some of you have
seen it already but I figured that since we had
so many new members I would post it
again to see if anyone can recognize any of
the names then maybe we can help this
girl get in touch with her BONIFACE family.

Message on message board at Surname Round up
message board #3:

boniface family

Wednesday, 19-May-1999 10:40:32

Message: writes:

I need major help in locating my family. All I
know is that my grandma's
name is Bonnie Butcher/Walker. My dad Kenneth
Boniface was born on
9-24-54 and died on 3-10-90. Please e-mail me
with any info. Thanks

---------------------- This is the message Steve got back after he
e-mailed her:

I, myself, am from the USA, but my grandfather, who I found out yesterday, was from Canada. He was a Mountie there and I also found out his name is Garth Boniface. He was married to Bonnie Butcher-Boniface-Walker and had 3 kids with her.

Kim Boniface

So her Grandfather was
occupation: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
married Bonnie

Had 3 children, one named
Kenneth who was born
Sept 24, 1954
died: March 10, 1990

Kenneth's daughter's name is
Kimberly Anne BONIFACE
she was born Aug 6,1982
Kimberly lives in the USA.

Carole Bonifas writes:

GGGGgrandfather Francois BONIFAS (alive in London 1766, possibly born Haut
Languedoc, France)

Francois was a Huguenot, most likely a refugee from the Haut Languedoc
region of France where the BONIFAS clan was, and is, numerous.  I'm still
looking for the actual link to 18th century France which is probably my
'most wanted'.

In the UK today the only BONIFAS's I know of are all descended from my
ggrandfather, Alfred.
My maternal line is  NICE/GRAINGER/TREBILCOCK/MOORE/AUSTIN from Essex, Devon
and Huntingdon all converging on London around the 1860s.

Although some of my family are occasionally (mis?)spelt BONIFACE over the
years by various clerks etc, the spelling is generally pretty consistently
BONIFAS since 1765, thus backing up Hugh's theory that it is a Huguenot
name.  No links to any  BONIFACE family as yet, but you never know!

Alexander Boniface b. 1836 Lower Beeding and  Emma Mercey Hently had a
large family which consist of 5 daughters...  A daughter Bessie b.1892  and
her married sister (name unknown) had planned to immigrate to Canada.
Something happened and they were separated and by mistake Bessie landed  in
Australia while her sister landed Canada. 

It would be really great to find this sister. Her name would have been one
of the following but of course being married she would not have the
Boniface surname and her married name is unknown.  

Fanny Gertrude..  b. August 27, 1879
Mary Ann........  b.November 12, 1882
Alice.........    b. 1888
Lillian May.....  b.1890

If any of our Canadians has these names in their Boniface Ancestry, It
might give us a clue. The immigration date is unknown but would probably
be around the early  1920's as Bessie was a young girl arriving in Australia 

A tough nut to crack, perhaps never but always looking and hoping! 

Betty Deforest writes:
My 'Most Wanted' Boniface is JOHN , married to Mary SINDEN. 1789
Eastbourne..There are many of us looking for John's birth and parents  but
so far with no success at all.. He is  shown to be of the parish of Berwick
on his marriage information but we cannot find anything of him before his
marriage to Mary..

I have a Coronation prayer book, (coronation of King Edward VII), that was
handed down to me by my great grandmother whom I knew as Annie Biggs. She
was born SARAH ANN ANSFIELD in Lower Beeding in 1872. The inscription in the
payer book reads "LAURA AGATHA BONIFACE, July 27th 1902, from her Godmother
E. MOSS". Do you know what the connection between any of these people might
have been? Also, the 1881 census shows an ALEXANDER BONIFACE lodging with
the family of HENRY JAMES ANSFIELD in Lower Beeding. Henry was my great
great grandfather. As you are researching the Boniface line in Lower Beeding
I wonder if you can shed any light on the two Bonifaces I've found and their
links with the Ansfields.

Yours hopefully


I am seeking the following families:- GEORGE & MARTHA MILES nee BONIFACE
and my Great Aunts. Both families emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s.
During WWII Private J.B.PALMER A3823 (Canadian Army) Son in law of 
CLARENCE & MINNIE WESTON, visited relatives in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex,
England. I have tried to trace him through the National Archives of Canada 
but as I am not immediate family personal information would not be released. 
Since the death of my Grandfather GEORGE BONIFACE (born 1858 died 1950)
I have lost touch with both families and would like to make contact with descendants
of either family; 
Also seeking descendants of the following BONIFACE family who arrived in
New York aboard the "Amason" on 29th June 1857:- FRANCIS age 59, 
LUCY age 55, and their children CHARLOTTE age 25 with illegitimate 
Son MOSES age 6. GEORGE age 21 CALEB age 19. Nothing is known
of their whereabouts after arrival in New York,.it is known that LUCY was a
centenarian her death is recorded in an old diary as 29th July 1897. It has 
been related in the family that for some reason their name was changed, possibly
to BROWN, and that they had settled near the United States/Canadian border. 
Any information or suggestions for further research would be appreciated. 
Barbara Osborne 

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