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Old Boniface he loved good cheer

Old Boniface he loved good cheer,
And took his glass of Burton,
And when the nights grew sultry hot
He slept without a shirt on.

Found on a Japanese website devoted to nursery rhymes would you believe!

Carol Bonifas writes:

I agree with the people who've said that Burton was (and is I think) an ale.
What people might not know is that Boniface was at one time a synonym for an
inn-keeper or publican - I think this came from a 17th or 18th century play
in which there was a character with this name.  I think it was as a first
name rather than a surname.  Obviously as per the rhyme he liked to sample
his own goods!

If anyone knows the source of this rhyme or can shed any more light on it, let us know.

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