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Additional Pope Info

Provided By Paul Boniface

In Terry Wall's Treatise there are references to Pope info that are listed as 'details to be obtained'. Paul has filled in some of that info for us here.

Pope Boniface II
Elected 17 September, 530, died October, 532. A pope of Germanic ancestry. Boniface served the Roman Church from early youth. During the reign of Pope Felix IV, he was archdeacon. Felix IV proclaimed him his successor and threatened excommunication on those refusing to recognize and obey Boniface as validly chosen pope. On Felix's death Boniface assumed succession. But the priest refused to accept him and elected Dioscorus. Both popes were consecrated 22 September, 530, Boniface in the Basilica of Julius, and Dioscorus in the Lateran. The Roman Church was thus involved in the seventh anti-papal schism. Fortunately it endured but twenty-two days, for Dioscorus died 14 October, leaving Boniface in possession of the papacy.

Pope St. Boniface IV
Son of John, a physician, from the province and town of Valeria; he succeeded Boniface III after a vacancy of over nine months; consecrated 25 August, 608 and died May 615. His most notable achievement was to obtain leave from the Emperor Phocas to convert the Pantheon into a Christian Church, and on 13 May, 609 (?) the temple erected by Agrippa to Jupiter, to Venus, and to Mars was consecrated by the pope to the Virgin Mary and all the Martyrs. (Hence the title S. Maria Rotunda.) It was the first instance at Rome of the transformation of a pagan temple into a place of Christian worship.

Pope Boniface V
A Neapolitan consecrated 23 December, 619 after a vacancy of more than a year, died. 25 October, 625. It is recorded that Boniface V made certain enactments relative to the rights of sanctuary, and that he ordered the ecclesiastical notaries to obey the laws of the empire on the subject of wills. According to the Venerable Bede, Pope Boniface also sent letters to Edwin, King of Northumbria (625), urging him to embrace the Christian Faith. Boniface is described as "the mildest of men", whose chief distinction was his great love for the clergy. He was buried in St. Peter's.

Boniface VII (not a nice man)
Actual name Cardinal-Deacon Franco, He was one of the more flagrant Anti-popes. In 974, supported by the Roman “clan” of the Crescentii, Boniface was elected pope – He had had the lawful Pope Benedict VI murdered – The Romans then expelled Boniface who fled to the eastern Roman empire in Constantinople. In 980 the usurper seized Rome but again was expelled. In 984 with Byzantine support he again seized power in Rome, had Pope John XIV murdered and installed himself as pope until his death in 985.

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