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Member's Area Content List

This is a partial list as of 19 Oct 2003 of what the members area contains.

132 Members and their contact info, each having their own page with main line.
16 General info extracts/files.
7 Baby pictures in our Newest Boniface Gallery.
The "Vault" has members info that have passed away and includes one members entire website for safekeeping.
There is a list of the worlds Boniface researchers, numbers in the 100's.
62 pages of scans of documents donated by members.
75 pages of ancestor pictures contributed by members.
Our extracts section contains over 50 census extracts and many others, probably over a 100 I reckon.
We also have military, descendant, gravestone, monumental inscription galleries.
Members document list, this is a good place to check before sending off money for certificates.
GRO for Boniface Births 1837-1949
GRO for Boniface Marriages 1837-1919
GRO for Boniface Deaths 1837-1960
Also one of our most prolific members Hadrian Coulton has his own area with proposed visual trees based on the best available information to tie it all together.

...and a whole lot more

. If that don't make you want to join our BIG friendly group nothing will - grin.
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