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Important Note: Be aware that this is a public mailing list, a couple of times people haven't realized this when posting and then wanted the post removed not realizing they were potentially sharing private info with the world. I myself can't do that but you can write to Rootsweb or Ancestry to have it it removed apparently.


1. No jokes or chain letters, plenty of other venues for that.
2. If it's not anything to do with genealogy or Boniface then put Non-Gen in front of the header the subject line. This gives the opportunity for those that don't have any interest in receiving these types of messages to use there mail software to block them.
3. This rule is pretty important. When replying to a thread make sure the header matches what the subject is actually about. If you are not sure what this means certainly feel free to ask me.
4. No posting of virus alerts, send them to me if you feel they are important and I'll decide whether to post them or not.
5. All messages are to be in plain text form with no attachments.

(An 'up for discussion' rule perhaps is what to include in the reply to a post and where to put the reply, before or after the original post).

To Join

To join our mailing list, follow the instructions below.

You can subscribe to our list in mail mode by sending a message to that contains the word


and nothing else. Nothing in the subject line either. If your mail program does not allow you to send a message without something in the subject line, you can put subscribe there also if neccessary. If you prefer digest mode, you should send the command instead to To unsubscribe, you should send the command


to (if in mail mode) or (if in digest mode.) To switch from one mode to the other, you should unsubscribe from one and then subscribe to the other.If you want messages to stop, you should simply unsubscribe using the above methods.

To Post

To post to both BONIFACE-L and BONIFACE-D, messages should be sent only once to only Messages sent there will appear both places.

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To view the previous messages go to

type in BONIFACE and you'll get access to the archives.

If you have any problems with any of the above instruction feel free to contact me, Steve Everitt, the Boniface Listowner, at

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