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Infamous Boniface's

Lancelot Boniface

It seems we have an Boniface that was executed in England...I found him on
the website
He probably stole food to feed his family or something of that nature.
In Steve's data base we have a listing for 
Lancelot Boniface b.1773 Haisham son of William Boniface
and Mary Coleman. I wonder if this was the poor fellow.

Execution Extract:

Surname Name Date Location

BELLINGHAM John 18/05/1812 London
BOLT John 04/04/1823 Devon
BOLTON William James 22/12/1902 Hull
BOND Thomas 20/08/1895 Stafford
BONIFACE Lancelot 03/04/1817 Kent
BONSELL Samuel 31/03/1843 Derbyshire
BOOKER Francis Wilson 08/04/1924 Manchester
BOON William 31/08/1805 Sussex
BOON Stanely 25/10/1939 Wandsworth
BOOST Robert 09/04/1802 Devon
BOOT James 14/04/1827 Warwickshire
BOOTH Charles 31/12/1819 London

Found by Betty Deforest 

Soccer Rebels?
"Frederick Elphick, Ernest Marton, Samuel Smith, David Parsons, Henry Fox, Lewis Boniface, and George Pascoe, boys living at Hailsham pleaded not guilty to playing football on Sunday Dec 10th - Sergeant Verrison said at 3 o'clock he was in plain clothes between the Town Hall and Leap Cross when at various times he saw all the defendants kick a small ball. He concealed himself and watched them and then took their names and addresses - the defendant Pascoe said he was going to the Bible Class at the time, but no-one was in. He simply kicked the ball back once to the others. Supt Willard remarked that football in Hailsham on Sunday had become such a nuisance that he had to put policemen in plain clothes to keep order. The defendants were liable to a penalty of 40s. The bench dismissed the case against Pascoe and the other defendants were fined 1s. costs and 4/6d. The chairman observed that it was no joking matter as some of the defendants evidently thought."
Contributor and /or Source:
Helen Herbert saw this in Eastbourne FHS April Magazine and is dated 30 Dec 1899 - from The SussexExpress.

Thomas Boniface the younger was accused of breaking and entering the dwelling house of Edward Mithchell at Beeding on 19 April 1842 and stealing one pound of pork and half a pound of pudding. He was tried on 30 June 1842 at Horsham and the case against him was dismissed ("No Bill")The relevant Quarter Session Roll is QRW/805
Contributor and /or Source:
Betty Deforest and her cousin Maurice Woods

Anne Bonny was one of the two most famous female pirates. Anne Bonny Link

Billy The Kid's name was William Bonney, however the name Bonney was apparently borrowed from his mother's second husband. His real name is purported to be Henry McCarty.
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