Frequently asked questions:

Q. What does BIG mean?

A. BIG is the achronym we use for Boniface Internet Group. When we evolved from my own personal site to a group site we had to come up with a name. BIG struck a cord with the group and that's what we went with. You'll also see it used from time to time tongue in cheek. For instance "I began to realize what a BIG task it might end up being" or "I've found a BIG inspiration:-)", this is especially true on the mailing list.
Q. What's the difference between the "List mode" and "Digest" mode for the mailing list?

A. "List" mode means when someone posts a message to the mailing list you will get a copy of it as if it was written to you. "Digest" mode means that the messages that are posted for the day will be sent to you in one e-mail with each message as an attachment.
Q. What the heck is a Gedcom and how do I use it?

A. Refer to A Gedcom to read about what it is. Basically it's a file format that most, if not all, internet genealogists become familiar with eventually. Most family tree programs support this format for this reason and it's a way to send your family tree to others and they will be able to see it.
Q. What do you mean by "Roll Call"

A. "Roll Calls" are a common feature of mailing lists. They allow periodic advertising of your family tree, in case there is someone who can provide additional information. Roll calls are usually called by the mailing list owner. When one is announced on the mailing list all you do is basically post your main line and what you are looking for in particular. Go here to see a Roll Call to get an idea of what to write.
Q. What do you mean by "Member"

A. "Member" is defined as being someone who wishes to join BIG and have a listing in the Member's Area Member's Gallery. Being a member doesn't cost anything (no costs involved for anything around here by the way)and you don't have to really do too, too much. The point is I and the others in the group know who you are, have your contact information and what you know about your Boniface line. A picture of your self is a requirement too. In return you get access to the Member's Area so we can share what we have.
See more info on how to become a member and what it means on this page

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