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Famous Boniface's

If anyone has any famous Boniface's for this list, send them along. Also if anyone has more information on those already listed, the group would pleased to hear about that too.

Two Boniface's who served in Napoleon's Marines of the Imperial Guard
Boniface is a minorly famous name in French Napoleonic history. Two brothers served in Napoleon's Marines of the Imperial Guard, one at least as a Captain. The French historian Lachouque refers to Captain Boniface of the Marines on at least 3 occasions in his larger history of the Imperial Guard - 'The Anatomy of Glory'. Captain Boniface was as much reknowned for his skills as a ladies man as a soldier and was reputed to have seduced the daughter of the Mayor of Bordeaux. In 1807, the Marines were attached to Dupont's Army of Observation which was despatched to Southern Spain. Dupont was defeated at the Battle of Baylen although the Marines and Captain Boniface acquited themselves well. Captured by the Spanish, some 12,000 members of Dupont's Army were dumped on the island of Cabrera in the Balearic Islands, with no food, little water and no shelter to speak of. Captain Boniface and some other prisoners made several attempts to escape from the island, all of which I believe were ultimately unsuccessful, although I am fairly sure that on the last attempt they did make the Spanish mainland. Lachouque refers to Captain Boniface being sent ultimately sent to a prison hulk near Portsmouth, where he again escaped with several others by commandeering a bread barque, and sailing back to France. Lachouque's last reference to Captain Boniface has him marching off to Russia with the Marines, as part of the Grande Armee. I have not read in any other English language text what became of him. An account of the experiences of the French soldiers of Dupont's Army can be found in 'The Prisoners of Cabrera: Napoleon's Forgotten Soldiers: 1809-1814 ' by Denis Smith, which is available through Amazon. There are many references to the Boniface brothers in it. Contributed by Guy Boniface
Carl Derek Boniface from Brazil won the 'National Powerlifting Championship', in the Master Category. That means Carl won the Brazilian overall title event for 2002.

Royal Navy
JACK BONIFACE Able Seaman,P/JX 158220,H.M.S. Hood, Royal Navy
who died on Saturday, 24th May 1941. Age 18.
H.M.S. Hood was sunk by a direct hit from the battleship Bismarck.
Additional Information: Son of Charlie and Ivy Emma Boniface, of Hailsham, Sussex.

The movie "True Grit" made in 1969 and starring John Wayne....
Isabel Boniface played the part of Mrs Bagby...

Other's In The Movie Industry
Catherine Boniface (actress) 
Isabel Boniface (actress) 
Symona Boniface (actress) 
Giovanni Boniface (other crew member) 
James Boniface (other crew member) 
Greg Boniface (stunts department member) 
Paul Bonifas (actor)
(aka: Paul Boniface) 
High Profile Boniface's
Labour candidate for Hellingly Ward (Sussex, England) was Robert Boniface
Contributor: Pauline Mowbray

Here's a link to a web page regarding Gwen Boniface (married name) 
who is the first female commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police. 
She's been in that position since 1998. 
Contributor:Tim Boniface

The CEO of the SMEC (Snowy Mountains Electricity Corporation) is a Boniface.
Can't remember his first name but I spoke to him a couple of years ago and
told him about BIG. He was interested himself but he said that his cousin in
Queensland would be. Is the cousin anyone from our list or in our group???
Contributor: Terry Walls

Neil Boniface Deputy Mayor in Invercargill is one of our line. His
Father was also named Norman (as was Bob's father) and his Grandfather was
Jacob, a Brother of Bob's Grandfather Robert. You will see that they were
both sons of John Boniface, and their grandparents were James and Agnes who
first came to Riverton.

Neil has been a city councillor for about thirty years now. He has been
married twice and has a grown up family. We have met him on occasion..

Contributor: Bob & Leah Boniface

Capt. William Boniface
On my trip to England more than a year ago I was fortunate to hear family tell stories of a Capt. William Boniface. I cannot say for certain that he is the one on the Gresham in 1869, however, William (1831 - 1879) was definitely of the right age to have been captaining that ship. The family says that he traveled often, and worried about his young wife, Louisa Elizabeth, left at home so much that his letters to other family members always asked of her. It seems he was a bit uneasy about leaving her home alone, and childless. He eventually took her with him on a trip to Australia, but the ship never made it home again. It went down with all hands, including the captain and his wife. The name of that ship was the "Vanguard", which left England in Jan. 1877, sailing for Port Natal. She put out from Columbo on 25th August, ( of "last year" ) sailing for London, and was last seen on September 27th, near the cape of Good Hope, just before a large storm. I have here a very blackened photo copy of several news clippings from the time, from which I just gleaned these facts. Unfortunately, the only year mentioned is the year of Departure from England. "The barque Vanguard of London 645 tons, bound from Columbo to London, is now given up as lost, with her crew 18 in number, she being some 3 months overdue. She left Columbo on the 25th Aug and made a most remarkably quick passage of 32 days to the Cape of Good Hope, but since passing Natal she had never been heard of. Her cargo consisted of 850 tons of coffee, 117 bales of cinnamon, 4,952 qwt (cwt?) cocanut oil, 928 cwt (phinbago/e? plumbage/o?), 320 cwt. coil yarn, 320 cwt. ebony, estimated value of 80,000." Another short clipping reads: "A MISSING SHIP.-- It is officially announced at Lloyd's that the Vanguard, of London, Captain Boniface, from Columbo to London, with cocoanut oil, coffee, and general produce, passed Natal on the 27th of September last, and has not since been heard of." One very lengthy article, (more than my eyes can take today) with testimony from another ship's officer, states that: "among the crew were a young man from Little Common, near Bexhill, and a son of Mr. T. Waters, near Hastings." It sounds from these news items that the Vanguard was a cargo ship, probably not a passenger carrying craft. Would there be archive information available from Lloyds? These articles have no dates or Newspaper names. Captain William was the brother of Stephen Henry Boniface (1827-1905), of Pevensey. Other Brothers were John(1829-68), George (1833-1926), and Edmund (1843 - 1910). Sisters were Naomi (1823- 1904) and Anne Elizabeth (1835 - 1917). Brother John emigrated to Australia and died there, supposedly childless. The family also gave me a copy of a letter he sent home, written 1866 detailing his work and injuries around VIctoria. He speaks of the town changing much since he came upon it, "which was nothing but a canvass then now its as nice little town as you would wish to see theres about fifteen Hotels four Banks five Drapers and grocers out of number one steam flour mill and another building.." He gives his address as "Messrs Crossley and Brown, Merchants, Avarat, Victoria, Australia." The parents were George Boniface (1800-1876) and Frances (Dunk?). George was a Stonehill farmer, and brother to my and Derrick's Francis (1793), and Hel's John (1788-1813). I'm sure I've missed a few of you who are also related. Captain William's grandparents were William Boniface and Elizabeth Woods, and Great grandparents wer Francis Boniface and Mary Gason. This info comes from the hand drawn tree done by Alan Frederick in the 1970's, back before genealogy was a passion of so many. People always wondered why he was searching out and collecting all this information. Thanks for the chance to pass this on. Conributor:Michele T. Boniface Tsuji Frederic Boniface Plays soccer for the Scottish First Division side Clyde Previous Club: Olympic, Paris "Chris Aitken equalized with a low shot in the 50th minute and nine minutes later Freddy Bonniface added a second. Andy Kane pushed a cross from Jack Ross over the line to complete the scoring in the 63rd minute." Clyde website is: Andrew Boniface of Scotland found a newspaper article about a recent football match that Fredric Bonniface participated in. Link to scanned document Rugby Boniface's Two Boniface brothers who played rugby for France in the 1960s. Their names are: Andre, born 14th July (or August, depending on the source) 1934 Guy, born 6th February (or March, depending on the source) 1937. Andre played in 48 internationals from 1954, and Guy in 35 from 1960. Tragically, Guy's career was tragically ended when he was killed in a road accident on New Year's Day 1968. I found information relating to them on various rugby websites, mainly in French, but some in English. They are still cited as some of the best exponents of the game, and referred to as "les Boniface", or "les Boni" for short. Their club was Stade Montois from Mont de Marsan (SW France, between Bordeaux and the Spanish border) and the stadium was renamed "Stade Guy Boniface" on the 10th June last year in the presence of Andre. A statue of Guy in action has been erected in his honour. Currently, there is also a player named Eric Boniface, born 2nd November 1969, who plays for Gueugnon in the second division. I don't know if he is related to Guy and Andre. Contributor: Colin Packham William Boniface - Author My nephew brought me a book to look at written by William Boniface. It's a children's book titled "Mystery in Bugtown. It has a rather unique design, because the book has these two big plastic, rolling eyes as part of it. Every page has 2 holes which fit over the eyes, and some character on that page will have those eyes... It was an interesting read, a mystery with bug characters, and the illustrations were rather slick. William has written other children's books, this was the one our library was able to get on interlibrary loan. Mystery in Bugtown written by William Boniface illustrated by Jim Harris Accord Publishing Ltd. Denver, Colorado Submitted by Michele Tsuji
Link to further authors gathered from the British Library Online by Hadrian Coulton.


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