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Connections Found So Far

Common Ancestor(s)Connected To
John BONIFACE and Mary SINDEN married at Eastbourne 1785.
Their sons James, George, William & John.
Their sons
James,....Kathy Baker, Gillian Capon- Browning
George....Colin White,Betty Deforest & Mal Gilbert
William....Dennis Boniface, Terry Walls, Tony Scott & Betty Deforest
John........Joyce Winder & Betty Deforest

Because of the cousins marrying cousins Betty Deforest gets in the picture three times
Edward BONIFACE and Lucy VERRALL Married December 1833 3xGreat-Grandparents to Pauline Mowbray and Michael Bignell
4xGreat-Grandparents to Louise Genge
Margaret Postlethwaite
Pauline says her Grt Grand Mother Harriet Lucy Boniface and Margaret's Great Grand Father were brother and sister,
James BONIFACE 1811-1887 Common Ancestor Steve Everitt, Antony Pay, Lynda Pay & Beryl Freemantle.
William BONIFACE b. Hailsham 1800-1847 and Jemima FOSTER 1790-1872 Common 3xGreat- Grandparents for Helen Herbert and Hilary Ferguson.
Richard BONIFACE and Sarah COLLICK m Sep 1823 South Bersted They are Judith Epps 3xGreat- Grandparents and Mark Giles 4xGreat- Grandparents
John of Albourne Had 2 sons William and Edward There is a connection between Chris and Hadrian..They descend from the brothers
Descendants of William born 1607 are; Ken Bond
Alan Boniface
Hadrian Coulton
Descendants of EDWARD born 1618 David Steel
Mrs Wickenden
J Fooks
Mrs Bently
George Boniface(deceased)
Chris Watts
JAMES BONIFACE b. 1755 Nuthurst married to Ann Starley... they had sons HENRY & THOMAS HENRY b.1780 married to Mary Fairs, Beth's 2xG-Great-Grandfather.
THOMAS b.1782 Nuthurst married Ann, 3x-Great-Grandfather
shared by
Marilyn Young through son James b.1813 Nuthurst
Mary Norman through son William b. 1810 Nuthurst
Ben LEVETT married to Rebecca BONIFACE was the 2nd cousin (3 times removed) of the two children of Lizzie May CROWHURST and Charles MARTIN. Distant connection between
Karen Langridge and Hilary Ferguson.
But a connection nonetheless.

Hilary's grandfather
Ben LEVETT married to Rebecca BONIFACE was the 2nd cousin (3 times removed) of the two children of Lizzie May CROWHURST and Charles MARTIN.

Charles MARTIN was Karen's 5th cousin and is descended from John and Catteren MARTIN who were her 9 times Gt grandparents.
Thomas Boniface (Bonyface?) m Harriet Saunders Common ancestor of:
Barbara Osborne
Joyce Read
June Read
Ray Packham
Derrick Parsons
Thomas BONIFACE and Elizabeth WINDER married 1765 Hailsham Connect:
Derrick Parsons, Barbara Osbourne, Michele T. Boniface Tsuji, June and Joyce Read, Helen Botting and Andrew Boniface.
Helen writes:Andrew Boniface is my closest link so far - His Grandad's Grandad is the brother of my Grans Gran! (John Boniface and Jane Boniface)
Which translates this way:
Andrew Boniface 3rd great grandfather John Boniface is the
brother to Helen's 3rd great grandmother Jane Boniface
Frances BONIFACE and Mary (nee Gason) Helen Herbert's 5th GGPs and Helen Botting's 6th GGPs.
Helen Herbert descends from the son John
Helen Botting descends from the son William
Common ancestor George Boniface and Lucy Verrall Bob and Leah Boniface connect to Pauline Mowbrey, Michael Bignell, Louise Genge & Margaret Postlethwaite.

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