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What's this all about?

This is where we record and base our
genealogical research into our family trees
and heritage. The ultimate purpose of this
website is to provide a gathering place for
those interested in the above listed surnames
and essentially conduct one name studies,
official and unofficial.

Welcome & Warm Regards
Steve Everitt-Webmaster
Member 3080 - BONIFACE
Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS)

How can you help & participate?

This website offers access to others having the
same interests and how to join us on the mailing list.
Here you will also find extracts and databases that
the individual groups have compiled. The different
groups are of course very interested in your possible connections, no matter how far removed and even
if it's only singular. It may provide one of us with a
piece of the puzzle we've been looking for. For you,
it could provide many ancestors or cousins you
didn't know you had.
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